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Is your son or daughter having difficulty chewing their food? Do your kids often speak with a lisp that can at times inhibit their ability to speak clearly? Believe it or not these problems can be caused by more than just young behavior. Trouble with clear speech and eating correctly are actually a few of the many symptoms of a bite problem beginning to develop inside your child’s mouth. Malocclusions can happen for a variety of reasons, but no matter what the cause, each requires treatment as soon as possible. Fortunately, you can always find the help you need with braces New Canaan at the state of the art practice of Victor Pardi, DDS.


Malocclusions, also known as bite problems, occur in many different types and levels of severity. While in the past it was thought that orthodontic care needed to be delayed until the teenage years, the truth is that the longer you wait to treat the problem, the worst it will become. Recent studies have proven that by beginning interceptive orthodontic care as early as seven years old can greatly help to increase the effectiveness of braces, lessen the harm that occurs to permanent teeth, and can even shorted the amount of time your son or daughter will have to wear their braces. Orthodontic care at any age begins with a consultation and examination via state of the art digital x-rays and imaging technology. Through this process, your orthodontist works to determine the exact type of bite problem your child is suffering from, as well as the level of severity in order to plan out the intensity and duration of their treatment. Often times interceptive orthodontics for young children does not begin with braces, but rather a removable retainer made specifically for their unique oral needs. These retainers work to insure that any permanent teeth which have yet to erupt have adequate space to do so, as well as insuring that the remaining permanent teeth grow into their correct positions. Once permanent teeth grow in, your braces New Canaan and begin to straighten the jaws and realign troublesome teeth for a healthier and more beautiful smile that allows for proper speech as well as healthy eating habits.

For the very best in orthodontic care, be sure to receive your braces New Canaan from the experts in orthodontics care for all ages at the state of the art practice of Victor Pardi, DDS. Dr. Pardis and his team of fully licensed and professionally trained oral health care experts have been proudly correcting the bite problems of your local community for over fifteen years with the latest in orthodontic technology and procedure. With orthodontic care from Victor Pardi, DDS you can insure healthy and beautiful smiles for the whole family for life.

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If you feel self-conscious or concerned about your smile, then you’re not alone. Many of us are concerned with how straight our teeth appear just as much as the procedures used to correct any irregularities. Additionally, we could be concerned with our bite, or how our teeth meet when our jaws are closed. While there are cosmetic aspects to wanting straighter teeth, it could also mean having a healthier mouth, too. Our Darien orthodontist, Victor Pardi, DDS can give you the thorough consultation you need to take the first steps to having a straighter and healthier smile.

Braces Darien

Braces Darien

When teeth are crowded, crooked, or the teeth of the upper and lower jaw do not meet in alignment when closed, then orthodontic treatment is the way to go. Orthodontics uses any number of installed fixtures to help move teeth slowly over time into their desired position as prescribed by Dr. Victor Pardi, DDS at our Darien orthodontist office. One of the possible fixtures prescribed could be a retainer. Retainers are removable appliances that are placed over the teeth to ensure their position for several years following orthodontic treatment with braces. Retainers help teeth retain their position once braces are removed, but unlike braces they are removable and can be taken out to eat, drink, and clean the teeth. In some cases, a retainer can be used to correct teeth that have seen some movement years after corrective appliances have been used, or if the correction is minimal.

Though retainers can be removed, it is still important to wear them! Dr. Pardi will inform you of your progression following corrective treatment. Often upon the removal of braces, retainers are advised to be worn at most times and only to be taken out at meal times and when the teeth are cleaned. As time goes on and your teeth appear to hold their desired position, the retainer can be used less and less, and you may be advised to only wear them at night time or when sleeping. Our Darien orthodontist knows what’s best for your smile and for your overall dental health and Dr. Victor Pardi, DDS is here to assess which course is right for you and your mouth.

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