Orthodontic office in Purchase

Orthodontic Office in Purchase

Breaking harmful oral habits is important, and here at the orthodontic practice of Victor Pardi, DDS, we can put orthodontic treatment to use in achieving that goal for your child before those habits lead to more serious consequences.

It’s perfectly normal for children to suck their thumbs or fingers, especially when his or her baby teeth are first growing in. Doing so should trail off, though, and stop completely by age 5. So if your child is still engaging in this practice after that time, the effects can be that permanent adult teeth will become crooked or misaligned. When those teeth first erupt, they are most susceptible, and digit sucking can too easily throw them off course. Teeth grinding and clenching are also problems that our orthodontic office in Purchase can address effectively. Your child’s jaws can become negatively impacted by that behavior. Her or his teeth can also wear down or crack. Parents will often use admonishment or even punishment in an effort to change these harmful oral habits, but it is typical to find that your efforts don’t work. Instead, you should bring your child to our orthodontic office in Purchase for a complete evaluation and examination. In many cases, it is possible to have your child wear a device or appliance that produces the desired results of reversing the habit, and along with it the problems that the habit is responsible for. Being proactive is essential, so as soon as you notice that your child has these habits, it is wise to get attention for them.

At our orthodontic office in Purchase, you are getting the expert care that is only possible with a specialist. Don’t let your child’s teeth and/or jaws suffer issues that may take a long time to correct. Reach out to us right now to book an appointment.

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