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Bedford Braces

Interceptive ortho in Bedford

Bedford braces

Bedford braces

Are you new to the area or simply seeking a new orthodontist you can trust with your family’s malocclusion? Look no further than the office of Victor Pardi, DDS, where you can receive the Bedford braces you need at a reasonable price!

Our friendly and highly-skilled staff is proudly committed to serving the orthodontic needs of our fellow members of the Bedford community. Our mission is to employ state-of-the-art techniques and highly advanced technology to ensure that you receive the highest quality orthodontic care possible. We’re happy to go the extra mile- because you deserve it! At the office of Victor Pardi, DDS, we provide orthodontic solutions for patients of all ages in an office that is comforting, welcoming, and professional. Our many services include orthodontics, interceptive orthodontics, Invisalign braces, and various dental health treatments. Curious about interceptive orthodontics? Treatment at this time can make it possible for the patient to avoid future extractions through arch expansion and the use of orthopedic growth appliances that enhance jaw growth and make later orthopedic treatment simpler for the orthodontist and easier on the patient. Of course, these interceptive procedures only make up part one of a two-phase treatment. Phase two occurs when a child is slightly older and closer to the age range typically associated with orthodontic treatment; that’s when they receive their Bedford braces. While interceptive orthodontic treatments don’t ensure that a child won’t need normal orthodontic treatment when he or she is in middle school or high school, they simply make this treatment easier, shorter, and less extensive than it would have been had the child’s early orthodontic treatment not created substantial space in which the child’s permanent teeth could comfortably grow.

Don’t hesitate; book an appointment with our practice and sign yourself up for the highly skilled treatment of Victor Pardi, DDS. With our Bedford braces, your child’s teeth will thank you!

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