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Orthodontics Office in Purchase

Interceptive orthodontics in Purchase

Orthodontics office in Purchase

Orthodontics office in Purchase

Childhood is actually the best time to address malocclusions and other mouth and teeth problems while the jaw, palate and permanent teeth are still forming. Orthodontics for children is a specialty of the orthodontics office in Purchase of Dr. Victor Pardi, DDS where we take the special needs of developing mouths as well as the emotional needs of both the patient and their parents into account in every treatment plan. Wearing braces and using other orthodontic appliances can be a difficult time for a child so we make sure that as much as possible the treatment is a positive experience for the young patient and their family.

Our pediatric orthodontics office in Purchase recommends that an orthodontist evaluate all children’s teeth and mouth at an early age, certainly by age seven. This is earlier than the traditional approach of waiting until the child’s permanent teeth have all erupted. Evaluating the child at an earlier age allows our doctor to create a two phase treatment that includes starting the treatment at age 7 or 8 if room is needed in the jaw to allow all the permanent teeth to erupt, rather than waiting until they have already tried to erupt into a crowded jaw and there is a need to then extract some of the teeth. The second phase of the treatment, which comes at the traditional age of 11 or 12. Most treatments usually involve some form of braces but often other appliances are also involved to complement the efforts of the braces or to expand the jaw to make more room for the permanent teeth.

The first phase of the two-phase approach is called Interceptive Orthodontics and its purpose is to prepare the young mouth for the eruption of the permanent teeth as well as preparing the mouth to undergo the more traditional second phase. By instituting the interceptive phase our orthodontics office in Purchase can shorten the use of braces and by widening the jaw during the first phase will often be able to avoid extracting teeth later. Our entire staff works hard to get the young patients excited about braces and how they will look after the treatment has been completed because their cooperation is essential to properly care for the braces and in the consistent use of headgear, retainers and a variety of other orthodontic appliances necessary to complete the treatment. Let our doctor evaluate your child’s developing mouth to see if orthodontics can make a difference in their life.

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